March 23-29, 2019


Buy Best Earaers Earplugs From Best E-Commerce Store

Whether you're a Musician, Music Enthusiast, Venue Operator, or uncovered to Loud Music, earasers high fidelity earplugs will let youpay attentionclean at a securecushty level.

Earasers are clean and nearly invisable and paintings flawlessly beneath headphones whilstyou're at paintings. Earasers are towardcustom earbuds, providing you with a herbal sound, whilst lowering awful frequencies which can harm your hearing.

If fashionable earplugs/earbuds painting snicely for you, can also additionally we kindly advise EARasers length MEDIUM. If you understand that your ear canals are barely smaller, or possibly barely large, than average, can also additionally we kindly advise you select your earasers length accordingly. Most guys will discover that the MEDIUM length is perfect, whilst girls and young sters commonly discover the SMALL length proper for them. The LARGE are handiest for a small percent of the network with large eardrums. 

With the earasers keyring, your earasers are usually secure and handy. Made of metallic, the keying holds one pair of any length earasers.


  • Medium Size (1 cm)

  • Creates approximately 19db of attenuation

  • Handy metallic keyring